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THE FASTER WORLD is an online e-magazine generated for the people who wish to live ‘One Step Ahead.’ We intend to proffer an indulging content to the Readers all around the World! We do not wait for the hour to pass, but we defy on to pass an hour with us! At THE FASTER WORLD, we believe in getting elevated and bringing you surprises every time!

Who are we?

Spearheaded by SHALINI MUKHERJEE and ARNAB BANERJEE, we are a Social Media Agency providing you spices to gasp every hour. Originated from the heart of the “City of Joy” Kolkata we are reaching out to you everywhere!

I want to Contribute to THE FASTER WORLD. What should I do?

A very substantial percentage of our monthly content comes from our Contributor Network. We have people from varied professions like advertising, journalism, and engineering to name a few, who contribute to THE FASTER WORLD. If you see yourself as a potential contributor, join our program by going to the

No, I want to apply for a full-time position. How to go about it?

If you wish to work with us, apply here

I saw something on this site that belongs to me. Who should I get in touch with?
We at THE FASTER WORLD strongly believe in giving proper credit and link backs to the original creators. If you don’t want your content to appear on our site, just shoot us a mail at hello@THE FASTER with an angry emoticon, and we’ll pull it down immediately.

I saw something on the site that offended me. Can you remove it?

If you are not happy with a piece of content on THE FASTER WORLD or have any other complaints about our content, you may write to us directly at editor@THE FASTER Don’t forget to mention the URL of the article that you found of poor taste.

I have a tip for you guys. What do I do?

Address a mail to and we’ll look into it pronto.