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Apple iPhone 8/ iPhone 7S makes debut in 2017

Apple is now on the verge of launching iPhone SE, the 4 inch iPhone but what is actually raising a lot of anticipation and excitement is the next phone from Apple- the iPhone 8. If the grapevines are to be believed, Apple plans to launch iPhone 8 somewhere in September /October 2017.

However whether it’s going to be only iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus as well just like iPhone 7 series, is still to be seen. The company launches its new handset every two years, and it seems the new Apple phone will incorporate features and specifications meant to outperform all its rivals.

iphone 8
Image Courtesy: Iphone Guide

Will it actually be iPhone 8 or iPhone 7S is still a mystery? Where some blogs talk about iPhone 8 release date, many other talk about iPhone 7S release date.

The rumors suggest iPhone 8 will deviate regarding design from 7, slimmer from anywhere between 6 mm to 6.5 mm without affecting the battery performance and an all metal design.

There also might be a switch from LCD to OLED Display technology. The QHD or 4k display with a probability of 4.7 inches and 5.5-inch size is only speculated to be on the cards. However, some website reported of AMOLED display for iPhone 8.

The rear camera will be revamped from existing 8MP to 12 MP and 5 MP for front facing camera.  The Optical Image Stabilization is also guessed to included. The recent leaks inch towards a bigger battery regarding power in the new phone.

The battery performance of 6s had left a lot to be desired.

From a simple Dual Core Processor in iPhone 7, the new iPhone 8 will be powered by hexacore A 10 chip if the rumors are to be believed. But it looks doubtful still.

We might not see any changes in the RAM which at present is 3GB only. The iPhone 8 might usher iOS 11, given the fact that 7 has iOS 10 but the rumors and speculations suggest little of the features that iOS 11 will be loaded with.

For sure there might be a lot features still at a testing stage before being bundled into iPhone 8 like a dual lens camera, wireless charging, fingerprint scanner or USB Type-C connector.

Other rumors claim that the headphone jack might get a squeeze in size compared to 7. If this turns out to be true, then this might disappoint the users but may be necessary to slim down the iPhone further.

Since Apple owns a patent of a smaller 2mm jack, this might make users go for separate headphones or adapters for the new iPhone 8.

If the rumors lead to any conformity, the 32 GB iPhone 8 Price may go somewhere around $749 onwards, but if Apple decides to do away with the entry 32 GB, the prices will naturally go up.

Now no new products are developed in isolation and Apple with its iPhone 8 offering might add features and specifications to ensure its better off than the recently launched Samsung’s S series. 

Will Apple able to offer the curvy looks of Samsung Edge, the unbreakable screen from Motorola or the acceptable expandable storage up to 2TB is yet to be seen. But continuing with its tradition, the 8 series from Apple will surely be a delight.

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